“For me writing is a process through which I can explore the liminal boundary between inner and outer landscapes, condensing ideas and trying to communicate something of the magic and mystery Nature provides”.

2018: Walking Backwards, or, The Magical Art of Psychedelic Psychogeography (with Julian Vayne), The Universal Machine.


Walking Backwards is a beautifully crafted book. Not only in its presentation, with wonderful complementary imagery and a thoughtful layout, but also through the way that layers of the past are interwoven, underpinning the book’s premise. A strong ecological theme throughout is a reminder that perhaps this reconnection with our countryside, and our past, is also imperative to step into the future—blindly, of course, but properly intentioned. I would conclude this review, but ‘For this book to work you are required to participate. Use it as a guide to visit the places it describes or go on your own magical walks, your own magical pilgrimages to Hartland and Roughtor, to places dear to you.’ Perhaps I’ll add a note after the summer!”. – Rob Dickins


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2012: The Wanton Green: Contemporary Pagan Writings On Place,  (contribution essay ‘Magic is Art’), Ed. Gordon McLellan and Susan Cross. Mandrake Press.


“Where do we locate the sacred? In a place, a meeting, memory, a momentary glimpse? The Wanton Green provides no easy answers and instead, offers a multitude of perspectives on how our relationships with the earth, the sacred, the world through which we move are forged and remade.” Phil Hine


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2006: Now That’s What I Call Chaos Magick: Vol I & II (with Julian Vayne), Mandrake Press.


“I cannot recommend this book to anybody who is frightened of magic, of self-discovery or of adventure; to anybody who wants ritual experiences that are absolutely risk-free and have a guaranteed result; to anybody whose concept of ceremony depends on the provision of scripts for all participants, carefully typed out and enclosed in polythene wrappers; to anybody who believes that magical practices should follow set traditions, without mixing ideas from different ages or cultures; to anybody who believes that human beings are firmly subordinated to deities and must do their will; and to anybody whose favourite words of condemnation for others are ‘irresponsible’ or ‘self-indulgent’. Above all, I cannot recommend it to anybody without a sense of humour. Anybody else should love it: it provides an experience of ritual that is energetic, fresh, investigative, exciting and fun, in a completely individual way”. – Prof. Ronald Hutton.


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