For The Herald Of the New Aeon

About This Project

Ash Wood, Hazel Wood, Oil Paint, Gold Leaf, Dacron, Deer Horn, Feathers, Leather, Canvas, Steel, Linen Thread, Beeswax

My wife and I were working in Mexico with the Waxirika people. At an all night ceremony facing the Pacific Ocean near Acapulco I had a dream of an ash tree transforming into a longbow and a voice clearly saying “This bow isn’t for you, it’s for the Herald Of The New Aeon”.

I had no idea what this dream meant so when the morning came I spoke to the Marakame Waxirika about this. “Oh, that’s very interesting”, he said, “Our musicians cannot play instruments in the ceremony until they have seen the tree from which the instruments are to be made in a dream. Once they receive the dream, they must find the tree in This World, make the instruments from the wood of that tree and then learn to play them!”.

“It is clear to me that you must find the Ash Tree in This World and make the longbow”.

Well. It took me 3 years, but I found the tree and made the bow, arrows, quiver, bow bag and stand from first principles using hand tools. All I’m doing now is waiting for The Herald Of the New Aeon!!

2019, Artwork