Ceridwens Woodland

About This Project

Purchased in 2018 this 7.5 acre plot of agricultural land on the edge of Bartinney Nature Reserve is a chance for us to consciously restore an oak woodland to this de-forested area of West Cornwall.

The local parish of Sancreed has always been famous for it’s pigs, as the farmers fed their pigs on acorns (as opposed to fish guts which the neighbouring Parishes used) which produces a far superior quality meat. To be able to do this there must have once been a large quantity of oak trees, but if you look today not one oak tree can be seen!

Mining and the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries is largely responsible for this de-forestation (cutting oak for ‘pit props’, boat building etc) and we, as owners, feel it is our responsibility to redress this. Therefore we have planted over 3000 trees on site (mainly sessile oak) and have a 1 acre woodland glade which is currently wildflower meadow. Among the planted trees are 5 camping glades which can be booked through www.wildcampingcornwall.co.uk

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